Why Your Quarter Life Crisis Can’t Be Overcome, Only Controlled

Your quarter life crisis cannot be overcome *snaps fingers* just like that. Journal prompts, therapy, mindset changes, they all do nothing but bring about a sense of acceptance and control. Acceptance and self-worth are the building blocks to controlling your quarter life crisis and getting through it. Buuuuut from personal experience, I just don’t think you can hit the nail on the head first go round.

Your crisis can come back

In November and December of last year, my quarter life crisis came back. I like to call them ‘episodes’. With the end of year approaching, it felt like a combination of end of year burnout. I had just started dating again and before I knew it, I was feeling my self-worth drain from my body, the weight of finding ‘the one’ on my shoulders, and overwhelmed by where I was going with my life.

I took time off the blog, I eased up on self-development, and I leant into self-care. All proving very helpful!

But as I’ve said before, your quarter life crisis presents you with an amazing opportunity for growth that a lot of other people don’t have, or wished they’d had much earlier in life. That crisis episode forced me to look into and work on my self-worth (which I can report is much higher than before), I know that when my time comes, I’ll meet my man (for now I’m practicing patience and trusting my worthiness), and I have a clearer direction for my future that I’m excited about!

Everyone has bad days

Sometimes your crisis can come back because you’re just having a plain old bad day. And there is nothing you can do about a normal bad day but practice self-compassion. See previous blog post on practicing self-compassion

You may spiral in an episode for a few hours, a day, a week; but everything you’ve learnt on your journey and from past episodes equips you with the tools you need to get through.

Your crisis is never truly gone until you have the life you were having a crisis over

Read that again.

Your crisis is never truly gone until you have the life you were having a crisis over.

And even then, your “next life” for lack of a better term, will present its own challenges and crises.

When I look at my personal quarter life crisis experience, I’m struggling to figure out what I want to do with my life (but I do have a direction), and I’m impatient for the day I meet my future partner (though, as I said, I’m trying to practice patience). There will always be a greater threat of an episode if I don’t have that life with an aligned career I’m passionate about and a husband I’m madly in love with.

There’ll always be a concern that I might get bored of the career I was once passionate about, or that my husband isn’t for life. But if I’m setting myself up now by getting to know myself better, by experimenting in different industry’s, by improving my mindset, by getting clear on my values and dream life, by focusing on finding happiness within myself, I’m giving myself a fighting chance of never being in a position of doubting whether I’m in the right career, and doubting whether I’m with the right person.

your Thoughts…

Tell me, what are your thoughts on this controversial opinion? Is controlling your quarter life crisis the only thing you can do?

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