Life Success vs Career Success – 10 Ways to Assess Your Life

Life success and career success aren’t mutually exclusive terms. If you have a job that aligns with the lifestyle you want to live and you don’t completely hate it, why should you feel like a failure just because it isn’t a job normally revered in society? Your job doesn’t define you!

We spend a large portion of our life working, yet people waste it on a job that doesn’t make them happy just so they can have money, power, status. But if you’re not happy, is that really success?

In the last few months, I’ve done a lot of introspection and became more passionate about creating what I like to call ‘life success’. I’ve taken the time to look at the various areas of life and how they can hinder or increase my happiness. I am by no means an expert but I’ve very much found my way by doing the next 10 steps I’m about to tell you.


This is so important because without defining life success, you’ll have no measure of how you’re doing and you won’t know what to do in order to get you where you want to go. Is life success finding your life partner? Travelling for a living? Living in a secluded forest? Never worrying about money again?

Make sure you dig deep into your definition of life success. To give you an example, happiness is the definition of life success to me, and in order for me to be my happiest self there are several ways I want to achieve this, but one of them is – to be constantly working on myself. I hope to do this by reading books, taking courses, and getting out of my comfort zone. I also want to make sure I’m implementing the things I learn in my life.

What does life success mean to you? Check out one of my more recent posts on why life success has nothing to do with a career!


You will have no direction without definition. How does success in the workplace look to you? Is it finding that work/life balance in a part-time job instead of going full-time? Having a stable income? Reaching a certain job title (ie: working towards senior level in the corporate world but having to start out as a graduate)? Is it that you just want to enjoy what you do and look forward to going to work each day (or at least not dread it)? Or is it having colleagues you love? Being in a stress free environment?

It can be the most “mundane” job to society but if you value anything from the above list, that won’t matter to you. I like to think of career success as being able to support my life success, rather than the other way around.

What does career success mean to you?


What is the ideal day you want to be living? The ideal week you want to be living? Your ideal year you want to be living? How do you want to feel in life? Where do you want to live? How do you want to live (is there anything you want to do more?).

When I thought about the new life that I wanted to live, I decided I wanted to be a morning person; I wanted to start the day calm and relaxed; I wanted to feel invigorated at the beginning of the day as if I’d already accomplished what I wanted to get done before the day had barely started; I wanted to prioritise a good night routine; I wanted to have plenty of downtime; and I wanted to feel calm, relaxed and happy. Somehow I found this giant urge to move to Tasmania because I love the cold. Just dream about how you want to live your life; dream with no limits!


By sore points I mean your weaknesses (for lack of a better term). Do you stress easily? Are you always complaining? What mental pathways do you need to destroy?

Stress was one of the big sore points for me and I realised that it stemmed from my control issues. I needed to let go and not sweat the small stuff. I’d constantly get frustrated at things going wrong; things taking longer than they needed to; traffic; any insignificant inconvenience I would not handle in a healthy manner. However, it was more important to control how I reacted, and to not let something that lasted mere moments, affect my entire day or week. I decided I wanted to feel good as often as I could,

so now when I don’t feel my best, I strive for better feelings by doing things I enjoy.


For me, this looks different from just working out what I’m passionate about; though some of you might find that they’re one and the same. Take time to figure that out if you haven’t already, by asking yourself some questions like: What do I feel like I was born to do? Is there something I am drawn to do with my life? Have I already found my purpose through my passion for (*insert any hobby you have here*)?

I’ve found that my purpose has become learning more about happiness on a deeper level, and sharing to the world through socials and now this blog, things that I’ve just learned myself, in the hope of inspiring others to begin their happiness journey. At the end of the day helping people become better versions of themselves is my purpose.


If you’ve worked out that your purpose and passion aren’t linked then it’s time to figure out what your passion is. What do I love to do in my spare time? Is there something I know I love to do that I’m always sad about not doing often enough? What could I always do and never get bored of?

It’s great to have more than one passion as well, but if you find you’re unsure of what that is, stick with finding at least one thing you’re passionate about. My passions have always been painting and singing; but yours might be gaming, photography, cooking. It’s so incredibly important to make time for these things to keep your fulfilment bucket full!


Perhaps your passion and/or purpose is something you get paid for already, perhaps you’re working towards being paid, or perhaps it’s something you’ll never get paid for. Any of those is perfectly okay! Ask yourself: is your purpose or passion just a hobby? Or do you want to be paid for it? Are you in the position to turn your purpose or passion into a job? What pressures would you put on yourself that might negatively impact your journey to turning your hobby into a paid job? Are there small steps you could take to turn your hobby into a paid job that is more aligned with your lifestyle? Are you happy and comfortable keeping your hobby as just that: a hobby?


By now you would have a clearer image of what kind of lifestyle you want to live. Now, what job compliments this lifestyle? Does that job look like a 9-5pm office job? Is it a job that requires a formal qualification? Do you have time to go back and study for that formal qualification? Is it a job that doesn’t demand too much of your time outside of work hours? Do you really need a full-time job or will a part-time job still provide you with the financial stability you need and the time to pursue hobbies, start a side hustle or just LIVE?

If you’ve read my story, you’ll know that I was passionate about working in the film industry, In reality, though, it wasn’t a passion I could pursue as a career because my need for financial stability put too much pressure on “making it” in the industry. Not to mention my desire to live a certain lifestyle (AKA lots of alone time, time for hobbies, and staying healthy and sane) wasn’t aligned with a career on film sets for 10-14 hours a day, 5 days a week!


Look at the last eight steps and figure out what habits you could start, continue, or stop, in order to step onto the path of becoming that next best version of you. Do you need to wake up earlier? Should you be prioritising your health? What actions – big or small – can you take now to get you leading a life full of success based on YOUR terms?

I’ve deliberately put this point so far into this step-by-step plan because I feel like you need to incorporate into your new life plan, ways in which you can tackle those issues/habits that don’t align with your version of life success, as well as think about incorporating more of the things that light you up. Fulfilment and happiness go hand in hand but you need more than just to be happy in life to feel fulfilled; you need to feel like you have a place in this world. So take the small steps now to get to the life you want to live.

At the moment my new life success plan looks like; getting up at 5am, having an hour-long restful morning routine, working out in the morning, introducing a night routine to wind down from the day that also prioritised something I neglect too often: READING!


A vision board and mood board are two different boards in my opinion. Vision boards show what you want your future life to be, and a mood board shows how you want to feel. I often combine the two in one or I insert a small version of my mood board as a picture over the top of my vision board. You’ll know what to put on your vision/mood (vood board?) based on your answers from the last 9 steps! I suggest making your board your desktop/mobile screensaver and making sure you see it daily!

If you’d like to check out my personal (and current) vision/mood board on Pinterest, click here!

Woohoo! You made it! Hopefully you have a plan of attack on how to bring your happiest dream life into fruition! I bid you good luck and please share your journey with me!

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I love you 3000!

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