Increase your happiness with My A-Z List of Things You Need to do

Are you unhappy and unfulfilled by life?

Are you interested to know how you could improve upon your well-being and overall increase your happiness?

Are you overwhelmed at how and where to start?

I feel you! I was once you! I’ve put together this A-Z list of some of the most important things, habits and ways to increase your happiness that I have realised in my journey to becoming the happiest and best version of ME!

I guarantee you’ll find something to take away from this list, so if you said yes to even just ONE of the questions above, read ahead for more!

A – Affirmations

Keep them in plain sight, write them in a journal or have your own personal mantra that you say every morning, and make sure it’s an affirmation that you connect with emotionally and leaves you empowered and motivated to be your best self!

B – Breathe

Take a deep breath! Trying to gain clarity through a thick cloud of emotional fog is SO HARD. For me, it’s come down to dismantling neural pathways in the brain in order to separate from my emotions and the situation so I can think logically. A chat for another time!

C – Candles

Create a space that inspires and relaxes you throughout your day-to-day life. I use music, lighting, decor and SCENT! I have a reeeaaal candle problem. Woops!

D – De-escalate

When you feel like you’re about to get swept away in a sea of emotional waves, de-escalate the situation. This takes great awareness, but essentially, if you can tell you’re about to let your stress get the better of you, take a step back from the situation, do something that calms you and distract yourself. You can feel the emotions without acting on them.

E – Emotional check-up

Check in with your emotions regularly. In these fast paced times it’s important to stop and take a few minutes to check in with yourself (just as you would a friend!). What are you feeling and why? Are they legitimate emotions or completely irrational? What can you do to feel better? Do that thing that makes you feel better NOW!

F – Faith

I find faith and trust incredibly similar. Whether your faith/trust is in your higher self, God, the Universe, an unknown higher power, faith still has a place for you. I’m still working on having faith in my spirituality practice and trusting that everything will work out as meant to be. Let go of control and just trust!

G – Gratitude

Find anything small or large to be grateful for on a regular basis. People with much less than yourself can be grateful, so you can be grateful too. Gratitude comes from a place of believing you have everything you need and want, and when you focus on what you have rather than what you believe you lack, your mindset shifts for the better and you increase your happiness levels!

H – Honesty

Honesty is something I highly value! If you aren’t honest, you risk putting yourself into situations that will suck your happiness, so be honest with yourself as well!

I – Introspection

Without introspection, you don’t get to know yourself and your processes, and you don’t grow. You need to have a certain understanding of how you work in order to know where to improve.

J – Joy

Do things that bring you immense joy; not just happiness and contentment, but joy! Seek it out! Prioritise and sacrifice. You have time to do the things that light you up when you realise you spend far too long in front of the television *wink wink*.

K – Kindness

Practice kindness towards all forms of life! Sometimes kindness will look like helping someone in need; understanding when someone cuts you off on the road that maybe they didn’t know they were so close; generosity; a compliment to a friend or total stranger; or a smile to a jaded sales assistant.

L – Life success > career success

You will read and hear me say “life success is more important than career success” more times than we all change our damn underwear! I will sing it from the rooftops UNTIL YOU ALL GET IT! It is far more rewarding to be blessed with a happy life than it is to be working a job that society deems to be ‘”successful” but actually sucks all the life from your body each weekday at 9am.

M – Meditation

Let me be honest. I have nooooooo idea if I am meditating correctly, however, sitting there with nothing but a soothing voice telling you what to do or think about is the perfect start to my morning. It eases me into my day by slowing down and getting mentally prepared for what I’m about to do each day, so whether it’s a placebo or not, I don’t care! I feel like it does exactly what I want it to!

N – Negativity

Nix the negativity! Each time you have a negative thought, think about a positive way to reframe it! Sometimes this reframing looks like self compassion (turning a “I suck at this!” to a “Well actually, I’m still learning how to do this”), and sometimes it comes in the form of an affirmation (instead of “I can’t do all of this in one hour!” to a “I am going to smash it!”. Always coming from a negative headspace gives your brain no room to increase your happiness.

O – Openminded

Be openminded. I urge you to open your mind to things you may have put off as not being for you, especially if you haven’t properly tried it out. For example, I never thought mediation would be something I could ever get into. I didn’t understand it, I couldn’t do it, and I had no interest in learning. That was until I learnt about the ways in which meditation can help the brain. I was spurred to get back to it and establish a routine that worked for me, so I could perfect the practice. Now look at me!!! (Head over to my Instagram to get a real look at me).

P – Personal

Don’t take things personally! It’s not personal. People are just out there living their life. 99% of the time they’re just busy, working on their own thing, or protecting their own boundaries.

Q – Quiet

There’s always a phone buzzing, music playing, a tv on; we’re either listening to a book, a family member, a podcast, a friend. Take some time throughout the day to just be without the distractions. Put a social media blocker on your phone (or put it on airplane mode), and sit with your thoughts and feelings (and maybe a hot chocolate because your girl loves them!)

R – Routine

Establish a routine that eases you into the morning, winds you down at night and helps you in times of distress. It feels so good knowing that no matter what else you’ve done or haven’t done for the day, you’ve always completed your routines. It’s a nice feeling of accomplishment!

S – Savour

Stop for a moment each day as you do an ordinary task, and really BE in that moment. Feel the water rolling down you, smell the sweet scent of your candle as you take in a sunrise; focus in on one of your senses and let it bring you happiness. My personal favourite is looking at the moon and watching lightning storms.

T – Thoughts

Your thoughts affect your emotions and your emotions affect your actions so it’s incredibly important to manage these thoughts, particularly if they’re negative. I’m a big believer in that our thoughts create our reality, so if you believe that someone hates you, your brain will find ways of “proving” to you that it’s true, and sometimes it will trick you and warp your perception of a situation in order to back that belief. Rewire these beliefs before they impact negatively on your emotions!

U – Understanding

So ‘C’ was already taken (because candles are SUPER important) but I essentially mean – have compassion. Be understanding towards yourself as much as you would others. Check out my more recent post about self-compassion!

V – Value

Value yourself! I see valuing yourself as things like, knowing when to back away from a relationship because you’re being mistreated, valuing your time and energy when you don’t really want to do something, and spending your money on things that will enhance good vibes each day because you value feeling as good as possible all of the time.

W – Worth

Know your worth! You are worthy of love, you are worthy of money, you are worthy of happiness, and you are worthy of friendship!

X – xoxo

xoxo represents the love you should have for yourself, those around you, and the whole world. You should lean into love and take action from a place of love always.

Y – You

You are the only person who has the power to make a change – it all starts with you. Recognise bad habits, and take the steps to find peace and happiness. You have to make the change you want to see in your life.

Z – ZZZzzzzzzzz

Whether sleep, a nap or just rest, take plenty of time each day to recharge and destress. You won’t have any chance of increasing your happiness if you’re grumpy from a lack of sleep.

I hope I’ve given you some nuggets of wisdom, some actions to take or thoughts to mull over with this list. I will endeavour to dive deeper into most of the points at some point in this blog’s life!

If you enjoyed this post, let me know! If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to contact me via email and join me on Instagram as I show more of the behind the scenes of how I’m striving for life success/happiness everyday. Be sure to subscribe to this blog so you’re notified of new posts as they go live each week.  

I love you 3000!

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