Why Not Being In a Relationship Is The Best

With Valentine’s Day having just occurred, I felt the need to represent on behalf of my fellow single people (being single does have its perks)!. One of the areas of our lives where our quarter life crisis can be triggered is ‘relationships’. Many different scenarios can occur to bring about that crisis, like breaking off a relationship and having bad luck in the dating scene.

You watch others meet their love, get engaged, have kids, marry each other, and start to form a life together, and you can’t help but wonder why you’re not there yet too. All of a sudden you’re starting to feel like you’re falling behind, and that life seems so far away it feels like it will never happen. But you are not on their timeline! You are on your own! And their relationship is not a confirmation that you won’t have your own relationship. Don’t let being single, make you unhappy!

Don’t think “I’ll be happy when I’m in relationship”. Be happy now! Embrace the single life.

I sometimes get caught up in the relationship trap myself, and I’ll admit that deep down it would be nice to be dating and feel that excitement again, but I always want to remind myself that being single is a lot of fun and so very rewarding!

Here’s why:

Everyday is ‘me’ time

Instead of spending time with a partner, you’re able to use that time to spend with yourself! I find you can get caught up in a romantic relationship and forget to nurture the relationship that you have with yourself. You’re compromising on when to spend time together on days you’re both free, and if you live with your partner, that alone time becomes extra hard to plan.

You have none of the responsibilities

You don’t have the responsibility of maybe contributing money to a joint account; thinking about your future together (on top of the future you’re trying to make for yourself!); navigating conflict; and trying to grow as a couple.

You’re able to put yourself first

You’ve got the time to really work on yourself, put your best foot forward in the world, and do things your way as opposed to trying to consider how someone else feels or what they need. It’s all about you! This is your time to be selfish.

The freedom

You’re watching whatever you want on Netflix; taking extra long baths; spending longer at the gym; organising social events and experiences without needing to consider someone else; and spending your money however you like. You call the shots!

There are ways to navigate a relationship whereby the above pain points aren’t so apparent, but at the end of the day it’ll never feel the same as when you are single! So don’t forget to cherish this time alone. Because one day, you won’t be, and you might end up wishing that you had made the most of being alone while you had the chance.

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I love you 3000!

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