What I’m Doing to Stay Positive In Unemployment

Staying positive in unemployment sounds like a quack and a half! But I’m about to be unemployed for the 9th time in 9 years, so I think I know a fair bit about unemployment. Strangely, for the 1st time in those 9 years, and I’m actually excited about being unemployed. Do you want to know why I’m excited? I think somewhere inside of me knew I was too comfortable and the Universe needed to move me in order for me to up-level like I wanted to. Do you want to know how I’m excited about this unemployment? It’s because I’ve based my happiness on ME and not on external forces.

In the past 9 years I’ve gone in and out of employment and have been forced to spend my savings in between jobs in order to survive. I’ve constantly struggled financially and my position has never improved. This has been the story of my entire working life through no fault of my own – just bad luck. Today though, I say no! This is not my story anymore! This is not my future! I’m changing my story for GOOD!

I cannot explain the strange sense of calm and faith I have, that it’s all going to be fine. Something bigger and better is coming and I’m going to be taking inspired action to change my life this round of unemployment.

Here’s what I’ll be up to:

Spring cleaning my life

Spring cleaning in all aspects! I want to declutter my bedroom; go through my digital space; clear out my wardrobe; plan out my new weekday routines; and introduce new habits to name a few things


It has been a hot minute and a half since I’ve just spent a whole day doing nothing but watching movie after movie, so that will be one of the first things I do!


I’ll be taking courses online, reading books and watching YouTube!

Keeping up my normal routines

I want to be treating my unemployment like a job. I still want to get up at 5am, do my morning routine, workout often, only cook twice a week and shut off by a certain time. I’ll probably tweak those routines but it’s important to keep going with them so as not to fall into the unemployment slump.

Getting proactive

Despite my cavalier demeanour at being unemployed, I do want to earn money at some stage, so I’ll be applying for part time jobs this time so I can have more of that work/life balance.

Working on my passion

Starting this blog was something I decided I wanted to do earlier this year. I’m feeling pretty serious about up-levelling it and I know with all the time in the world, I can turn this into something greater!

I’m basically going to use the time to redirect my life and find the final path I need to take before my life changes dramatically. I can feel something big coming and I hope you can too! It’s 100% possible to find unemployment a positive experience!

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I love you 3000!

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