Setting Goals and Habits to Achieve Your Resolutions

With December 1st upon us and the season for goal setting around the corner, I wanted to impart something important that I learned a couple of years ago in regards to setting goals and sticking to them.

We’ve all read and watched every piece of new year goal setting content in hopes of learning something new about keeping our new years resolutions. But, how much of it actually helped you?

They probably spoke a lot about setting SMART goals and becoming more disciplined and realigning your resolutions every quarter, which does work for some, yes. However, they probably never mentioned how you needed to ALSO set a goal, and a habit around each resolution.

Resolutions, goals and habits are completely different, and yet, entirely entwined. You need all three!

People often set the resolution with a loose action plan, but never understand that it’s the goal and habit that tie into the resolution and give it legs to stand on.

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What is a resolution?

A resolution is like a state of being. It’s a promise to become a different (and generally better) person. You want become a person who…reads a lot, who is a morning person, who’s healthier, who’s fit and strong. It’s a grand notion with no action plan, but it’s an idea of a better version of you, and it gets the ball rolling. But don’t forget, you need a goal and a habit to bring it to fruition!

How to Set goals for your resolutions

Goals are something you can work towards in order to be who you wanted to be or do what you wanted to do. Without it, you cannot define when your resolution is effectively “complete”. You have to work out what your resolution means to you; what does it look like to be an avid reader? Or a morning person? What does it look like to be healthier? Or be fit and strong?

A goal is…reading twelve books a year, waking up earlier, cooking a wholesome dinner every night, to do 10 push ups by the end of the year. But don’t forget that you need to implement a habit that can help you achieve this goal!

An image of a neon sign saying "habits to be made"

How can a habit help you achieve your goal?

Having a habit for your goal is generally a daily task that helps break down the goal into smaller chunks so you know how you’ll work towards it, and ultimately achieve your resolution, A habit is…reading 30 minutes every night before bed; going to bed and waking up 15 minutes earlier every week until you’re waking up at your ideal time; it’s trying a new recipe once a week or seeing a dietitian to optimise your diet; it’s paying for personal training at a gym once a week.

See how all three interweave to create a better you?

BONUS Tip for setting goals

Figure out your why behind each resolution! Do you want to become an avid reader because you value knowledge or because you love to get lost in another world? Are you wanting to be a morning person because it gives you time to work on your hobbies? Is a healthier you desirable because you want to live to see your grandchildren? Do you want to get fit and strong because it makes you feel less sluggish?

My mind was BLOWN when I first learnt how to break down my resolution and make it tangible and doable. Personally, I thought the whole SMART goals concept was overthinking the process. Perhaps it works for some but this is what works for me, and I’m hoping you’ll walk away from this blog post with a different perspective, and better insight into making all of your 2021 resolutions come true!

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I love you 3000!

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