Quarter Life Crisis Self-Care – New Year Edition

Hello and welcome to 2021 – she says as the first month of the year is basically over! Quarter life crisis self-care was heavily needed in the last few months, because boy did December bring end of year burnout! It’s been a hot few months since I last imparted my knowledge and advice onto you all, and now I’m back at it with new thoughts, lessons, and dreams.

In the space of a week last December, I got sucked into my quarter life crisis REAL hard after I was triggered by my dating expeditions *eye roll*. If I’m being honest, my enthusiasm to keep this blog alive was also dwindling (hence my 2 month disappearance!). I had grand plans for starting a podcast, I had the pressure of looking for a job whilst feeling like I could have been trying to start an online business, and I once again was questioning what on Earth I was going to do for the rest of my life. When you’re a control freak, you need direction in order to combat the quarter life crisis scaries. Direction is not what I had.

Side note: Can we all go back to my ‘5 Ways I overcame my Quarter Life Crisis‘ post and laugh at how I thought my crisis was done and dusted?! HAHA!

I didn’t have a definitive plan to get out of my QLC episode (sometimes you just have to ride the wave and see where you come out), but looking back, these are some of the ways I nurtured myself during that time of crisis. Of course this is a new year edition, but this can apply to other situations!

Put Self-Development on Hold, and Prioritise Quarter Life Crisis Self-Care

If you’ve done a lot of development and you’re in crisis mode, take a break and tell yourself that it’s okay. Self-care in crisis is more important than self-development.

2020 brought up a lot for me. I got to know myself better and I had a lot of growth; that wouldn’t have been possible without starting my self development journey. However, I had participated in so many online courses, followed so many accounts involved in the self development space, and did so much of my own research, that I was overwhelmed by what I had uncovered and didn’t know where to go from there. I’m someone who loves learning new things so I was looking for that next step when in actual fact I needed to stop and process.

And so I replaced self-development with self-care. I was self-compassionate when it came to taking a break away from the blog, I was vigilant in listening to what my body wanted or needed, I respected my boundaries with vigour, I connected with a lot of amazing souls, I stepped further away from toxic people (or just people I didn’t feel good around anymore), and I made sure to give myself the downtime I needed.

Reflect On The Situation/Goals/Year/Triggers

Take time to look over your circumstances, congratulate yourself on how far you’ve come, assess the good, the bad, and the ugly, and adjust accordingly.

For me, part of leading the last few months from a place of self-care, was reflecting on 2020. I looked over the goals I had set for myself, I revelled in how much happier I was compared to the start of the year, I found out my biggest lessons, I pin pointed my highlights (and lowlights), and I sat in gratitude over how far I had come.

What got me to reflect in a way that had my creative juices flowing, was creating a powerpoint presentation with some friends that covered these reflection topics. We made a night of it and shared our presentations in a safe space. It made the reflection process much more entertaining than journaling about it.

Creating a Theme That Aligns With Quarter Life Crisis Self-Care

After reflection, comes adaption. How do you want to change? I think setting a theme for this change, and making decisions that align with that theme is the most efficient way of making changes for good!

After the reflection I had on the year that was, I had an epiphany that the theme of my 2021 should be ‘healing‘. Although 2020 brought up a lot for me and I had a lot of growth, that doesn’t mean that everything I uncovered wasn’t affecting me. The brainstorming session on what healing meant to me was incredibly exciting, and had me enthusiastic that 2021 would be an epic year (I also had new Dreamy Moons journals, diaries, and workbooks to explore this theme in, which gave everything a magical touch!).

I looked at healing from a mental, emotional and physical perspective, and I wrote down what habits would bring those healing aspects to light, I found ways to embrace healing everyday (whether in big or small actions), and I started to take action as early as possible – I didn’t wait until 2021 had started.

I also built my 2021 resolutions and goals around my healing theme!

Realign With What Truly Calls to You

If it doesn’t serve you, say goodbye! If it doesn’t call to you anymore, say goodbye! It’s not giving up, it’s realigning. In a goal setting sense, this is important to do each quarter or every six months. You may not want to go after the same things anymore! If you’re constantly changing, growing, and adapting, then so will your hopes, dreams, goals, and desires! Realign with what TRULY calls to you!

Realigning for me looked like assessing my passion projects (AKA this blog) and determining what I truly wanted to do with them in 2021. Starting a podcast didn’t look as inspiring as it once did (perhaps further into the future), I worked out that coaching is something I don’t think aligns with who I am, and I brainstormed the different paths I could take this blog down. I very much needed to figure out ‘my voice’ online and what I really wanted to stand for, and while I was at it, create a better way of incorporating this new vision for my blog into my everyday life so I’m not taking 2 months off every time I’m overwhelmed or confused.

Happy self-caring! You’ve got this!

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I love you 3000!

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