Practical Spirituality For The Logical Thinker

Is there such a thing as Practical Spirituality?! I think there should be! 2020 has seen me dive into my spiritual side more than I ever have before. Although I want to appeal to people on a more practical and logical level, there are some important life lessons from a spirituality book, that changed my thinking and my life. These are lessons I think everyone needs to hear and seriously think about implementing into their own lives.

It all started when my mother passed along a few books written by none other than Gabrielle Bernstein. Amazingly some of them had been titles on my ‘to read’ list and I was excited to dive in deep. I devoured three of her books, but it was ‘Super Attractor’ that really had an impact on me.

So here are four of the best practical life lessons I learnt that you need to hear (or, well…read):

practical spirituality hack #1 – DETACH FROM THE OUTCOME

We get so hung up on how things will turn out, that our happiness levels start to become dependent on the outcome. I’ve found great peace from just enjoying the journey and making sure my happiness is found by doing things well within my control.

practical spirituality HACK #2 – REJECTION IS PROTECTION

When I first read this, a little lightbulb went off. It was a saying that I immediately connected with and something I wanted to always remember. We spend too much time and effort holding onto things that were never meant to be ours. That time could be better spent with our loved ones or doing things we enjoy. Rest assured that things happened the way they were meant to and for a reason you may not understand.


This is the most spiritual I will be in today’s post, but it is necessary to hear out, so bare with me. If you’re a negative Nelly who complains a lot and constantly brings the conversation back to the topic of you, do you think you’re going to bring happy, thoughtful and positive human beings into your life? Absolutely not! They’ll take one look at you and won’t want to be around for you to bring them down. You’ll only bring like people into your life because they feel like they can relate to you. Even if you want to do and be better, your intentions won’t matter.


If you’re not using what someone else has as a reminder of what you’re working towards, then you’re coming from a place of judgement or comparison or both. Judgement and comparison are happiness sins!

At the time of reading this in ‘Super Attractor’, I was struggling with watching other people my age getting married or having kids. I would see this as a reminder of what I didn’t have and wasn’t anywhere close to having. It was toxic thinking that snowballed throughout all aspects of my life. I had never considered that changing my thought patterns to find solace in what they had, would change me for the better.

There is so much more I could say about this book, but I hope my helpful life lessons have challenged your thinking, or better yet, inspired you to go out and read the book! You won’t be disappointed.

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I love you 3000!


  1. fleschj

    Wow, great post, Tara. I’ve read a multitude of self-development books and books about spirituality, they are necessary to have the intellect necessary to understand the concepts. However, the only way to really know, is to practice them. You have sound advice in here for that practice. It is also well written and inspirational. Be well. -Jeff

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