Your Happiness Sweet Spot and How to Find it

Find your happiness sweet spot and discover where you’re out of alignment…

Living a life of happiness and fulfilment is such a broad topic and is so different for everyone that I decided to create an Ikigai inspired happiness diagram to showcase the areas of life I believe can help you to find your happiness sweet spot, and change your happiness levels (whether positively or negatively).

Instead of working out life’s purpose like your standard Ikigai (look it up if you have noooo idea what I’m talking about!) this diagram will find your happiness sweet spot and shed light on the area of your life that needs your tender love and care in order to help improve your happiness!

See below…


Health to me covers your mental, emotional AND physical health. This area alone is still so broad and you may become overwhelmed, but improving these aspects of ‘health’ could look like the following:

  • Seeing a psychologist./therapist on a regular basis (whether you have a clinical issue or not);
  • Taking a break once a day in silence to check in with your emotions and assess why you’re feeling a certain way;
  • Establishing a exercise routine (possibly with the help of a personal trainer);
  • Eating healthily! (AKA home cooked meals more often than not; vegetables with every meal);
  • Perhaps seeing a dietitian, nutritionist, naturopath etc could help you to become more in tune with your body.


I believe well-being is different to health because I feel like you can be in tip top health but not really be okay. Improving ‘well-being’ could look like the following:

  • Managing your stress with meditation;
  • Regular connection with friends and family to nurture the relationships in your life;
  • Having a daily gratitude practice;
  • Being more mindful and savouring an otherwise mundane experience at least once a day;
  • Establishing a spiritual practice/routine;
  • Working on your limiting beliefs.


Self-care is more than just your typical face mask and tanning once a week routine. ‘Self-care’ could look like the following:

  • Creating the right environment to be your best self;
  • Learning to listen to what you actually want instead of what you think you should do or say;
  • Being honest with yourself and others;
  • Saying no more often;
  • Tuning in to when your body needs a rest, food, movement;
  • Generic beauty related self-care.


To be honest I like to think of ‘career and success’ as two different things because you could have a great career but if you’re not happy, then I don’t think you can call yourself successful, Life success is more important than career success. Improving your ‘career and success’ area of your life, might mean the following:

  • Defining what success in life means to you (especially in terms of a job/career);
  • Striving to work towards living successfully on your terms;
  • Quitting your unfulfilling and happiness draining job;
  • Finding REAL balance between work and life (ie: going part-time from full-time work.


Finding your purpose and passion/s in life (especially if they aren’t found in your job) is so important to feeling fulfilled! Having a healthy ‘purpose and passion could look like the following:

  • Having hobbies you regularly get involved in;
  • Learning new things about the world and expanding your mind;
  • Living for something greater than yourself (environment, charity work, activism etc).

What area of your life are currently letting slip? And what are you doing to improve?

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I love you 3000!

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