Creating a Life of Happiness In Crisis

So I’ve been in crisis for a solid two years, but only in the last year have I found TRUE happiness in crisis. It’s been quite an arduous journey. But it’s been a journey I’m ever so thankful to have had.

Being genuinely happy in the middle of a quarter life crisis is entirely possible!

But being happy in the middle of your crisis has nothing to do with accepting the struggles and the pain. It’s about:

  • Accepting your path and the lessons it’s brought you
  • Celebrating the good things, and
  • Reaching for the best possible version of you

In creating a happier version of myself in crisis, I leant into the 4 pillars below:

Finding a Purpose

I don’t think you need to find THE purpose, just A purpose. If you’re into self-development as much as I am, you’re going to be constantly working on yourself and constantly growing. So why would your purpose stay the same?

Be Aware of Your Triggers

When you know your crisis story, you’ll know what triggers you to sink into what I like to call a ‘quarter life crisis episode’. Furthermore, if you analyse your triggers to understand why they’re there, you can do the inner work to overcome it.


It’s incredibly rewarding to get to know yourself, find out why you are the way that you are, and work on becoming a better version of yourself. The more you develop and get to know yourself, the better you’ll know how to support your happiness and well-being.

Happiness Hacks

Look into the science behind happiness (see here for my post on ‘Hedonic Adaptation’) and how certain tools and activities actually affect your brain (and hence your emotions). The positive affects to the human brain just from meditating, were the reason I gave meditating another try. I almost immediately saw significant improvements in how I could emotionally regulate myself!

I dig deeper into these pillars in my FREE workbook ‘How to Create a Happier Life in Crisis!

The workbook will help you explore your own crisis story with journal prompts and get clear on what you need to overcome/work on. I’ll show you some tools you can use to create permanent and positive change (tools I personally used), and teach you the rest of my ‘4 Pillar Plan’ 😉

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Stop letting your crisis take control of YOU!

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I love you 3000!

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